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TFG Asset Management

One of Tetragon’s significant investments is TFG Asset Management, a diversified alternative asset management business that owns majority and minority stakes in asset managers. Assets under management for TFG Asset Management as of 31 December 2016 totalled approximately $19.5 billion.(i)

Tetragon’s investment manager seeks to find high-quality managers who invest in various asset classes, selects or structures suitable investment vehicles that optimise risk-adjusted returns for Tetragon’s capital and seeks for Tetragon to own a share of the asset management company through TFG Asset Management. Tetragon aims to not only produce asset-level returns, but also aims to enhance these returns with profits from owning asset management businesses that derive income from external investors. Thus, Tetragon seeks to use its balance sheet to facilitate the growth of TFG Asset Management to help create value for itself and for its shareholders.

Some of the growth of TFG Asset Management has been organic – through active capital raising into existing businesses leveraging off the TFG Asset Management platform and launching new businesses such as Hawke’s Point. The investment manager has also sought to accelerate growth through joint ventures and partnerships with existing businesses and via acquisitions, as was the case with Equitix.

Certain considerations when evaluating the viability of a potential asset manager typically include: performance track records, reputation, regulatory requirements, infrastructure needs and asset gathering capacity. Potential profitability and scalability of the business are also important considerations. Additionally, the core capabilities, investment focus and strategy of any new business should offer a complementary operating income stream to TFG Asset Management’s existing businesses. The investment manager looks to mitigate potential correlated risks across TFG Asset Management’s investment managers by diversifying its exposure across asset classes, investment vehicles, durations, and investor types, among other factors.

Tetragon's asset management businesses can operate autonomously, or on the TFG Asset Management platform. In either case, the objective is for them to benefit from an established infrastructure, which can assist in critical business management functions such as risk management, investor relations, financial control, technology, and compliance/legal matters, while maintaining entrepreneurial independence.

Tetragon's permanent capital base should increase the likelihood of success for this strategy of investing in alternative asset managers and the assets they manage, as its capital is available both for supporting operations of the management businesses and for co-investing, seeding or anchoring new investment funds of the managers.

The investment manager believes that considerable value has been built within TFG Asset Management. Given the significantly increased scale of TFG Asset Management in light of its organic growth and, in particular, following the February 2015 acquisition of Equitix, the investment manager has determined to continue to grow TFG Asset Management with a view to a possible initial public offering and listing of its shares in the medium term.

TFG Asset Management L.P. is registered as an investment adviser under the U.S. Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and one of its investment management entities, Polygon Global Partners LLP, is authorised and regulated by the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority.


(i) Includes the AUM of LCM, the GreenOak Joint Venture, Polygon, Equitix, Hawke’s Point, TCIP and TCICM, as calculated by the applicable fund administrators. Includes, where relevant, investments by Tetragon Financial Group Master Fund Limited.

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