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Polygon Global Partners’ European Event-Driven Business Renamed Westbourne River Partners

01 Nov 2023

Westbourne River Partners is the new name for the European event-driven equity investing business of Polygon Global Partners.

Its investment funds launched in 2009 and focus on European small and mid-cap companies.  The investment team seeks to invest in companies that they believe are mispriced by the market and where they have identified a catalyst with the potential to close the valuation gap.

The new name follows the promotions to Senior Portfolio Manager of Abhishek Agrawal, who joined the business in 2014, and of Bechara Nasr, who joined in 2016, as well as the promotion to Senior Trader of Zubeen Khan, who started in 2014.  Kjetil Støve has also joined this year as a Portfolio Manager.

The new name is inspired by one of London’s historic rivers, the River Westbourne. The river originally brought drinking water into the City of London and in 1730 was dammed to create the Serpentine in London’s Hyde Park.  Today the river runs underneath the city, close by the Westbourne River Partners’ offices and through a conduit above the platform at Sloane Square tube station.

Reade Griffith, Chief Investment Officer, commented: “We chose the name because finding alpha in unexpected places is reflected by a river hiding in plain sight.”


Westbourne River Partners is one of the asset management businesses of TFG Asset Management, which is the diversified alternative asset management platform of Tetragon Financial Group Limited. Westbourne River Partners L.P. is a relying adviser of TFG Asset Management L.P., which is registered as an investment adviser under the United States Investment Advisers Act of 1940.  Westbourne River Partners UK is part of TFG Asset Management UK LLP, authorised and regulated by the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority. 

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