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21 Oct 2022

NEW YORK, October 21st, 2022 – LCM Asset Management LLC announces the close of a $450.00 million collateralized loan obligation (CLO). The Class A notes are rated Aaa (sf) by Moody’s and  AAA (sf) by Fitch and bear interest at three-month SOFR plus 1.96%.

The CLO, called LCM 39, includes:

  • A $276.75 million Aaa (sf)/AAA (sf) rated Class A-1 tranche with a coupon of 196 basis points over SOFR;
  • A $15.75 million AAA (sf) rated Class A-2 tranche with a coupon of 265 basis points over SOFR;
  • A $31.00 million AA (sf) rated Class B-1 tranche with a coupon of 285 basis points over SOFR;
  • A $10.00 million AA (sf) rated Class B-2 tranche with a coupon of 6.03%;
  • A $28.00 million A (sf) rated Class C tranche with a coupon of 400 basis points over SOFR;
  • A $28.50 million BBB- (sf) rated Class D tranche with coupon of 575 basis points over SOFR;
  • A $15.50 million BB- (sf) rated Class E tranche with coupon of 883 basis points over SOFR;
  • A $1.00 million B3 (sf) rated Class F tranche with coupon of 1022 basis points over SOFR
  • A $40.20 million equity tranche.

About LCM:

LCM Asset Management LLC (LCM) was established in 2001 to manage client funds through investment funds, accounts or vehicles, which principally include portfolios of senior secured bank loans. LCM is staffed with senior professionals with significant experience in leveraged lending as well as relevant industry specialties. LCM currently serves and may in the future serve as collateral manager or manager of various collateralized loan obligation vehicles, funds, managed accounts or other investment vehicles. The company’s headquarters are in New York. LCM is owned by Tetragon Financial Group Limited (Tetragon) and is a part of TFG Asset Management.

About Tetragon:

Tetragon is a closed-ended investment company that invests in a broad range of assets, including bank loans, real estate, equities, credit, convertible bonds, private equity, infrastructure and TFG Asset Management, a diversified alternative asset management business. Where appropriate, through TFG Asset Management, Tetragon seeks to own all, or a portion, of asset management companies with which it invests in order to enhance the returns achieved on its capital. Tetragon’s investment objective is to generate distributable income and capital appreciation. It aims to provide stable returns to investors across various credit, equity, interest rate, inflation and real estate cycles. The company is traded on Euronext in Amsterdam N.V. and on the Specialist Fund Segment of the main market of the London Stock Exchange. For more information please visit the company’s website at

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