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23 Feb 2014

LONDON, February 23, 2014 – The Polygon Convertible Opportunity Fund was nominated for a 2014 HFM Week Award in the Credit Over $250m category, alongside five other nominees.

The HFM Week Award is compiled by HFM Week magazine, a publication of Pageant Media. Information about the award, including nomination and winning criteria, is available below and at

About Polygon:

Polygon is a global private investment firm founded in 2002 managing several billion dollars across a number of asset classes and businesses. Our investment capabilities are supported by a robust operational and risk infrastructure. Polygon is owned by Tetragon Financial Group Limited (“TFG”) and is a part of TFG’s asset management platform, TFG Asset Management.

About TFG and TFG Asset Management:

TFG is a Guernsey closed-ended company traded on Euronext Amsterdam N.V. under the ticker symbol “TFG” that aims to provide stable returns to investors across various credit, equity, interest rate and real estate cycles. The company maintains two key business segments: an investment portfolio and an asset-management platform. Both segments cover a broad range of assets including bank loans, real estate, equities, credit and convertible bonds.

TFG Asset Management currently consists of Polygon, LCM Asset Management and the GreenOak Real Estate joint venture. TFG Asset Management L.P. is registered as an investment adviser under the U.S. Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and one of its investment management entities, Polygon Global Partners LLP, is authorised and regulated by the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority.

For further information, please contact:

Polygon: Press Inquiries:
Greg Wadsworth
Investor Relations
Sard Verbinnen & Co
+1 212 687 8080

Rules for inclusion, entry criteria and judging decisions:

Funds interested in participating in the awards program must submit all information via the HFMWeek European Performance Awards Entry Form

Funds submitting in all categories must have their management/advisory company or team based in the UK or Europe.

Funds must trade/invest primarily – defined as at least 75% of the portfolio over the last three years –
in one or more of the 39 strategies described by the categories on the Entry Form; have a minimum of 25 million (USD) in assets under management ending December 2013; and have a track record of three years at the date defined by HFMWeek, with the exception of funds applying for a "newcomer" award in which case they must have a track record of 12 – 35 months of performance at the date defined by HFMWeek.

The judging panel comprises representatives from HFMWeek, leading institutional and private investors and industry experts. Each member of the judging panel will have an equal vote in choosing the winners in each category. Decisions should be unanimous, but a majority will suffice. Judging decisions will be based on performance, qualitative information and structural criteria.

The above information is a summary taken from HFMWeek’s website at and does not purport to be full and complete. Please refer to the website for a full explanation of the award criteria and process, which may change from year to year.

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