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Investment Manager

Tetragon Financial Management LP has been appointed the investment manager of Tetragon and the Tetragon Master Fund pursuant to an investment management agreement dated 26 April 2007 (see “Summary of Key Terms of Tetragon’s Investment Management Agreement”). The investment manager's general partner, Tetragon Financial Management GP LLC, is responsible for all actions of the investment manager. The general partner is ultimately controlled by Reade Griffith and Paddy Dear, who also control the holder of Tetragon’s voting shares and are the voting members of the investment manager’s Investment and Risk Committees. Reade Griffith acts as the authorised representative of the general partner and the investment manager.

Its Investment Committee is responsible for the investment management of Tetragon and the Tetragon Master Fund portfolio and currently consists of Reade Griffith, Paddy Dear, Jeffrey Herlyn, Michael Rosenberg, David Wishnow and Stephen Prince. The Investment Committee determines the investment strategy of Tetragon and the Tetragon Master Fund and approves each significant investment by them.

The investment manager's Risk Committee is responsible for the risk management of Tetragon and the Tetragon Master Fund portfolio and performs active and regular oversight and risk monitoring. The Risk Committee has the same composition as the investment committee.

The investment manager's Executive Committee oversees all key non-investment and risk activities of the investment manager and currently consists of Reade Griffith, Paddy Dear, David Wishnow, Stephen Prince, Paul Gannon, Sean Côté and Greg Wadsworth.

Jeff Herlyn

Investment & Risk Committee

Michael Rosenberg

Investment & Risk Committee

David Wishnow

Investment & Risk Committee,
Executive Committee

Paddy Dear


Investment & Risk Committee,
Executive Committee


Stephen Prince

Investment & Risk Committee,
Executive Committee,
Head of North America


Reade Griffith


Investment & Risk Committee,
Executive Committee

European Event Driven Equities

Paul Gannon

Executive Committee, Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Sean Côté

Executive Committee,
General Counsel

General Counsel

Greg Wadsworth

Executive Committee,
Head of Business Development and Investor Relations

Head of Business Development and Investor Relations

Summary of Key Terms of Tetragon’s Investment Management Agreement

Under the terms of the 26 April 2007 Investment Management Agreement among TFM, Tetragon and the Tetragon Master Fund, TFM has full discretion to invest the assets of Tetragon and the Tetragon Master Fund in a manner consistent with the investment objective of Tetragon. TFM has the authority to determine the investment strategy to be pursued in furtherance of the investment objective, which strategy may be changed from time to time by TFM in its discretion. TFM is authorised to delegate its functions under the Investment Management Agreement.

The Investment Management Agreement continues in full force and effect unless terminated (i) by the investment manager at any time upon 60 days’ notice or (ii) immediately upon Tetragon or the Tetragon Master Fund giving notice to the investment manager or the investment manager giving notice to Tetragon or the Tetragon Master Fund in relation to such entity in the event of (a) the party in respect of which notice has been given becoming insolvent or going into liquidation (other than a voluntary liquidation for the purpose of reconstruction or amalgamation upon terms previously approved in writing by the other party) or a receiver being appointed over all or a substantial part or of its assets or it becoming the subject of any petition for the appointment of an administrator, trustee or similar officer, (b) a party committing a material breach of the Investment Management Agreement which causes a material adverse effect to the non-breaching party and (if such breach shall be capable of remedy) not making good such breach within 30 days of service upon the party in breach of notice requiring the remedy of such breach or (c) fraud or wilful misconduct in the performance of a party’s duties under the Investment Management Agreement.

The Investment Management Agreement provides that none of the investment manager, its affiliates or their respective members, managers, partners, shareholders, directors, officers and employees (including their respective executors, heirs, assigns, successors or other legal representatives) (each, as an indemnified party) will be liable to the Tetragon Master Fund, Tetragon or any investor in the Tetragon Master Fund or Tetragon for any liabilities, obligations, losses (including, without limitation, losses arising out of delay, mis-delivery or error in the transmission of any letter, cable, telephonic communication, telephone, facsimile transmission or other electronic transmission in a readable form), damages, actions, proceedings, suits, costs, expenses (including, without limitation, legal expenses), claims and demands suffered in connection with the performance by the investment manager of its obligations under the Investment Management Agreement or otherwise in connection with the business and operations of Tetragon or the Tetragon Master Fund, in the absence of fraud or wilful misconduct on the part of an indemnified party, and Tetragon and the Tetragon Master Fund have each agreed to indemnify each indemnified party against any such liabilities, obligations, losses, damages, actions, proceedings, suits, costs, expenses, claims and demands, except as may be due to the fraud or wilful misconduct of the indemnified party.

TFM may act as investment manager or advisor to any other person, so long as its services to Tetragon or the Tetragon Master Fund are not materially impaired thereby, and need not disclose to Tetragon or the Tetragon Master Fund anything that comes to its attention in the course of its business in any other capacity than as investment manager. The investment manager is not liable to account for any profit earned or benefit derived from advice given by the investment manager to other persons. The investment manager will not be liable to Tetragon or the Tetragon Master Fund for any loss suffered in connection with the investment manager’s decision to offer investments to any other person, or failure to offer investments to Tetragon or the Tetragon Master Fund.

The investment manager is authorised to enter into transactions on behalf of Tetragon and the Master Fund with persons who are affiliates of the investment manager, provided that in connection with any such transaction that exceeds $5 million of aggregate investment, the investment manager obtains either (i) the approval of a majority of the members of the Board Directors of Tetragon and the Tetragon Master Fund that do not have a material interest in such transaction (whether as part of a Board of Directors resolution or otherwise) or (ii) an opinion from a recognized investment bank, auditing firm or other appropriate professional firm substantively to the effect that the financial terms of the transaction are fair to Tetragon and the Tetragon Master Fund from a financial point of view.

Management and Incentive Fees; Expenses

All fees and expenses of Tetragon and the Tetragon Master Fund, except for the incentive fees for TFM as investment manager (as described below), will be paid by the Tetragon Master Fund, including management fees relating to the administration of Tetragon.

The investment manager is entitled to receive management fees equal to one and one-half percent (1.5%) per annum of the net asset value (NAV) of Tetragon payable monthly in advance prior to the deduction of any accrued incentive fees. No separate management fees are payable with respect to the NAV of the Tetragon Master Fund.

Tetragon will also pay to the investment manager an incentive fee for each Calculation Period (as defined below) equal to 25% of the increase in the NAV of Tetragon during the Calculation Period (before deduction of any dividend paid or the amount of any redemptions or repurchases of Shares (or other relevant capital adjustments) during such Calculation Period) above (i) the Reference NAV (as defined below) plus (ii) the Hurdle (as defined below) for the Calculation Period. If the Hurdle is not met in any Calculation Period (and no incentive fee is paid), the shortfall will not carry forward to any subsequent Calculation Period.

A "Calculation Period" is a period of three months ending on March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31 of each year, or as otherwise determined by the Board of Directors of Tetragon.

The "Reference NAV" is the greater of (i) NAV at the end of the Calculation Period immediately preceding the current Calculation Period and (ii) the NAV as of the end of the Calculation Period ending three months earlier than the Calculation Period referred to in clause (i). For the purposes of determining Reference NAV at the end of a Calculation Period, NAV shall be adjusted by the amount of accrued dividends and amounts of any redemptions or repurchases of Shares (or other relevant capital adjustments) and incentive fees to be paid with respect to that Calculation Period.

The "Hurdle" for any Calculation Period will equal (i) the Reference NAV multiplied by (ii) the Hurdle Rate (defined below).

The "Hurdle Rate" for any Calculation Period equals 3-month U.S. Dollar LIBOR determined as of 11:00 a.m. London time on the first London business day of the then current Calculation Period plus the hurdle spread of 2.647858%, in each case multiplied by (x) the actual number of days in the Calculation Period divided by (y) 365.

The incentive fee in respect of each Calculation Period is calculated by reference to the increase in NAV of the Shares before deduction of any accrued incentive fee. The incentive fee is normally payable in arrears within 14 calendar days of the end of the Calculation Period. If the Investment Management Agreement is terminated other than at the end of a Calculation Period, the date of termination will be deemed to be the end of the Calculation Period. The Investment Manager does not charge separate fees based on the NAV of the Master Fund.

Tetragon and the Tetragon Master Fund generally bear all costs and expenses directly related to their investments or prospective investments, such as brokerage commissions, interest on debit balances or borrowings, custodial fees and legal and consultant fees. Tetragon and the Tetragon Master Fund also generally bear all out-of-pocket costs of administration including accounting, audit, administrator and legal expenses, costs of any litigation or investigation involving their activities, costs associated with reporting and providing information to existing and prospective investors and the costs of liability insurance.

Investment Manager Options

In recognition of the work performed by the investment manager in successfully arranging the 2007 global offering and the associated raising of new capital for the company, Tetragon granted to the investment manager options to purchase 12,545,330 of Tetragon's Non-Voting Shares (subject to the application of customary anti-dilution provisions) at an exercise price per share equal to the IPO offer price (U.S.$10.00). These options became fully vested and immediately exercisable as of the date of admission to the Euronext Amsterdam N.V. and remained exercisable until the 10th anniversary of that date (i.e., 26 April 2017). The options were exercised on 21 April 2017 and were settled by Tetragon on a cashless basis.

The Investment Manager’s Role with respect to TFG Asset Management

TFM’s responsibilities with respect to Tetragon and the Tetragon Master Fund include, inter alia:

  • investing and reinvesting the assets of Tetragon and the Tetragon Master Fund in securities, derivatives and other financial instruments and other investments of whatever nature and committing the assets of Tetragon and the Master Fund in relation to agreements with entities, issuers and counterparties;
  • holding cash balances or investing them directly in any short-term investments, and reinvesting any income earned thereon in accordance with Tetragon’s investment strategy;
  • purchasing, holding, selling, transferring, exchanging, mortgaging, pledging, hypothecating and otherwise acting to acquire and dispose of and exercise all rights, powers, privileges and other incidents of ownership or possession with respect to investments held or owned by Tetragon and the Tetragon Master Fund, with the objective of the preservation, protection and increase in value thereof;
  • exercising any voting or similar rights attaching to investments purchased on behalf of Tetragon and the Tetragon Master Fund;
  • borrowing or raising monies from time to time without limit as to amount or manner and time of repayment;
  • engaging consultants, attorneys, independent accountants or such other persons as the investment manager may deem necessary or advisable; and
  • entering into any other contracts or agreements in connection with any of the foregoing activities.

TFG Asset Management is an investment of the Tetragon Master Fund, and, as such, TFM, as its investment manager, is responsible for exercising any of the Tetragon Master Fund’s voting or similar rights with respect to TFG Asset Management, as an investment. As with any other category of investments, TFM is also responsible for decisions with respect to acquisitions and dispositions by the Tetragon Master Fund of asset management businesses – as investment decisions with respect to the Tetragon Master Fund’s cash or other assets(i). Following the acquisition of an asset management business, that business then becomes a part of TFG Asset Management.

TFG Asset Management seeks to generate income and value from its asset management businesses by having these businesses manage third-party investor capital. TFG Asset Management has an internal management team that is responsible for the TFG Asset Management business as a whole, including the oversight of its various asset management businesses as they form and grow the funds that they manage, and is responsible for its own costs.

The Tetragon Master Fund may invest in the various funds and other vehicles managed by a TFG Asset Management business. It may also provide financial support to any fund managed by a TFG Asset Management business (such as a “seeding” arrangement), or provide equity, loans or other financial support to TFG Asset Management or its asset management businesses. TFM is responsible for any decision to invest cash into any fund or other vehicle managed by a TFG Asset Management business(ii) and is also responsible for decisions regarding financial support for TFG Asset Management.

(i) TFM has determined that Tetragon’s current investment strategy is to continue to grow TFG Asset Management with a view to a possible initial public offering and listing of its shares.

(ii) TFM is also responsible for selecting third-party managers who invest in asset classes appropriate for the Tetragon Master Fund.

Services Agreement between the Investment Manager and Certain Subsidiaries of TFG Asset Management

TFM has, since its inception, relied on two Polygon entities(i) for a broad range of services to support its activities.(ii)

Following Tetragon’s 28 October 2012 acquisition of Polygon Management L.P., these entities have been part of TFG Asset Management. The services provided to TFM under a Services Agreement by TFG Asset Management, through these entities, include infrastructure services such as operations, financial control, trading, marketing and investor relations, legal, compliance, office administration, payroll and employee benefits. One of those entities, Polygon Global Partners LLP, which is authorised and regulated by the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority, also provides services relating to the dealing in and management of investments, arrangement of deals and advising on investments.

(i) These Polygon entities also provide infrastructure services to LCM and the GreenOak joint venture, infrastructure and investment management services to Hawke’s Point and the TCI General Partner, and oversight services with respect to Equitix.

(ii) Polygon Private Investment Partners LP, an investment management entity in which Reade Griffith and Paddy Dear have an interest and that was not included in Tetragon’s 28 October 2012 acquisition of Polygon Management L.P., also continues to rely on TFG Asset Management for certain services to support its activities. TFG Asset Management employs a cost allocation and recovery methodology from Polygon Private Investment Partners LP that is the same as the cost allocation and recovery methodology applied to TFM.

Cost Recovery by TFG Asset Management for Services Provided to TFG’s Investment Manager

TFG Asset Management, through its Polygon subsidiaries, has implemented a cost-allocation methodology with the objective of allocating service-related costs, including to TFM, in a consistent, fair, transparent and commercially-based manner.(i)

TFG Asset Management then charges fees to TFM for the services allocated to TFM on a cost-recovery basis that is designed to achieve full recovery of the allocated costs.

Most of the costs related to these services are directly or indirectly attributable to personnel or “human capital”, with compensation typically being the largest single cost.(ii)

Consequently, one of the most critical cost allocations is related to professionals’ time, which is commonly expressed as Full Time Equivalents or “FTEs”. On a monthly basis, each TFG Asset Management employee, directly or via their team head, provides a breakdown of the approximate percentage of time spent supporting the various businesses for the previous month (this excludes certain functions such as office management and technology that are charged to business users on a standard basis (e.g., space used or global headcount) which removes any need on the part of those teams to allocate their FTEs to business lines). TFG Asset Management employees should not be incentivized to either over or under allocate to any business as their time allocation is not a consideration in the determination of their overall compensation. Once allocated percentages are determined and agreed, a FTE is derived. Personnel costs (excluding bonuses) of each function are calculated using a standard costing methodology, which includes a standard add-on for employment taxes and standard employee benefits. Bonuses are charged to each business line (including TFM) based on the FTE allocation described above.

In addition to FTE costs, there are a number of other costs that reflect the use of resources by TFG Asset Management personnel on behalf of TFM (in addition to the other TFG Asset Management businesses), including real property costs, technology, travel and entertainment and market data. A standard cost methodology is used to allocate these costs across the various business lines that are supported, including TFM. The setting of standard costs is designed to reflect what those costs would be on an arm’s-length basis. The methodology is designed to create consistency in order to provide a fair allocation of resource costs to all businesses.

Employee FTE data is collated and is used to process monthly cost allocations. Such allocations are invoiced monthly to users of the TFG Asset Management platform which are not owned by TFG Asset Management, including TFM, or allocated within the TFG Asset Management general ledger for businesses owned by TFG Asset Management.

TFG Asset Management cost allocation methodology is documented and updated annually by TFG Asset Management’s finance team in consultation with its legal and compliance teams and is approved each year by TFG Asset Management’s executive committee.

The methodology used to allocate costs forms part of the preparation of the financial statements of Tetragon and the Tetragon Master Fund and is therefore within the terms of reference of Tetragon’s Audit Committee. Tetragon’s auditors, reporting directly to Tetragon’s Audit Committee, are currently employed under an agreed upon procedures assignment to periodically test that the costs allocated to (and therefore recovered from) TFM have been properly calculated in accordance with the approved cost-allocation methodology. Tetragon’s Independent Directors, who are specifically mandated to approve, among other things, related-party transactions, are required to approve the methodology for allocating costs and in their sole discretion the application of that methodology as part of their oversight processes. As such, the annual cost allocation methodology update and the actual annual cost allocations that result based on these cost methodology policies and procedures are separately approved by the Independent Directors.

For additional information, please see Tetragon’s Financial Statements.

(i) This cost allocation methodology also applies to the other TFG Asset Management businesses to which the Polygon entities provide services.

(ii) Employee compensation also includes TFG Asset Management’s Long-Term Incentive Programme (LTIP) and its other equity-based awards which are intended to give certain senior-level employees of TFG Asset Management long-term exposure to Tetragon stock. The costs of the LTIP and other existing equity-based incentive compensation awards include the principal and interest payable on a loan from the Tetragon Master Fund to TFG Asset Management in an initial principal amount equal to the purchase price of the Tetragon shares to be held to hedge against grants under such incentive programmes.

The information contained in this webpage supersedes any previous disclosure by TFG or the Master Fund with respect to such information.

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